The Case

VV Kicks is our very own media platform specialised in women’s football. We have created a new and fitting identity for the sport by using authentic stories and the voices of athletes. VV Kicks is a platform that takes the sport seriously with the respect it deserves. We set out create a digital clubhouse in the Netherlands for people for love women’s football. We produce written content, video productions and a podcast 1920 Clubhouse. 

The Challenge

The challenge of women’s football is to be presented in a fresh and new way, which will further develop the sport. Not a copy of men’s soccer, but a stage to reach their own audience. We have a team of content creators who create stories that fit this challenge. From Orange Lionesses who write letters to their younger selves, to our own podcast. We give the sport a fitting identity and players a platform to profile themselves. 

With our multidisciplinary platform we reach thousands of women’s football followers everyday. To make this more visible we created a counter per social channel.

The Numbers


Social followers


Average views Instagram


Average reach Facebook


Podcast starts in the first 2 months of 1920 Clubhouse

1920 Clubhouse


Our podcast format is simple: we talk about what we know, and we know what we are talking about – football. The VV Kicks podcast will be Holland’s first all female lead football podcast bringing you the latest of the world of women’s soccer. We are industry leaders and specialists in all aspects of the professional football industry. We know the game, know the players, and know it’s time to share this knowledge. The aim of this podcast is to inform, empower and entertain.

XIFC is a project unique in its field. The NWSL currently only has 8 teams,  leaving many talented players without the chance to go pro in the USA. We facilitate American athletes to become a professional soccer player in Europe. By scouting in the massive pool of talented players from the USA, and connecting them with an extensive network of professional soccer clubs in Europe who are seeking to strengthen their teams due to the growth of women’s professional soccer in Europe. 

College players can attend try-outs in the US to show us that they have what it takes. After that, we will select a team of 23 players for the 2021 XI FC team. What’s next? An all-expenses paid trip to Europe to play three games against Bayern Munich, Slavia Prague and AFC Ajax. We’ll take care of the agents, technical directors and clubs. 

"It's great to see you putting so much energy into letting the women's league grow."

- Head of communication Eredivisie club

The Result