Personalized Athlete Management
SAM is a transparent tool that allows you to seamlessly communicate with all the members of your management team, stay organized and remain aware of all aspects of your career.



Everything you need is at your fingertips with SAM. SAM is not about statistics and Moneyball antics, SAM is about strategy, marketing and more importantly: management. It is hosted on its own external server, ensuring safety for  every SAM environment. SAM is about understanding your targets and goals, and empowering those who use it. It does after all, take a village to create a champion.  Built on 4 principles, SAM allows a personal, secure and direct overview of an athlete’s strategic, legal, medical and marketing profiles. It provides you with the tools needed to bring athlete development and management to a higher level. SAM offers transparency, and can be used and personalized by any agent, athlete, club or federation, across sports.

SAM operates on 5 principles:

 1. Strategy
2. Marketing
3. Branding
4. Legal
5. Medical

Digital Features


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Identify targets, set goals and check off milestones to better manage your accomplishments and map out your future.


Create personalized marketing plans and establish a clear brand identity with your management team members to find the best opportunities.


Use SAM to easily manage all your branding assets. Manage different folders and stay ahead of your social media game.


Access all your legal documents and ensure that you and your legal advisors are on the same page, at all times.


Schedule appointments, view your medical history and communicate seamlessly with medical professionals and healthcare providers so that you stay injury free.

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