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Since combining our powers over a year ago, we launched different successful projects covering every corner of the sports industry with one goal: to disrupt this stuffy landscape and to advocate and create opportunity and value for women in every aspect of the sports industry. ESC Sports Group has 3 brands, Media platform VV Kicks, Sports Tech software SAM Profiles and Sports Innovation concept XI FC.


VV Kicks is our very own media platform specialized in women’s football. We have created a new and fitting identity for this developing sport by using authentic stories and the voices of athletes. We produce written content, video productions and a podcast (1920 Clubhouse). All of women’s football in one place. 

With our multidisciplinary platform we reach thousands of women’s football followers everyday. To make this more visible we created a counter per social channel.

Platform performance


Social followers


Average views Instagram


Average reach Facebook


Youtube reach Dear Me campaign ft. Andrelon


SAM is a transparent tool that allows you to seamlessly structure and share your career with all the members of your development and management team. Everything you need is at your fingertips with SAM. SAM is not about statistics and Moneyball antics, it is about strategy, marketing and more importantly: management. It is hosted on its own external server, ensuring safety for  every SAM environment. SAM is about understanding your targets and goals, and empowering those who use it. It does after all, take a village to create a champion.

XIFC is a project unique in its field. The NWSL currently only has 8 teams,  leaving many talented players without the chance to go pro in the USA. We facilitate American athletes to become a professional soccer player in Europe. By scouting in the massive pool of talented players from the USA, and connecting them with an extensive network of professional soccer clubs in Europe who are seeking to strengthen their teams due to the growth of women’s professional soccer in Europe. 

College players can attend try-outs in the US to show us that they have what it takes. After that, we will select a team of 23 players for the 2021 XI FC team. What’s next? An all-expenses paid trip to Europe to play three games against Bayern Munich, Slavia Prague and AFC Ajax. We’ll take care of the agents, technical directors and clubs. 

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