The Case

Andrélon was one of the sponsoring partners of the Dutch women’s national team during the 2019 Women’s World Cup. The goal? To inspire women to be active everyday and ‘shine’. Not only during the World Cup, but everyday.

The Challenge

Andrelon challenged us to create a campaign focused on the OranjeLeeuwinnen that symbolizes strength as well as closeness to the individual players. Andrelon wants to appeal their customers as well as a new football target group. Young athletes, who are interested in personal hygiene. Our strategy team grabbed this challenge with both hands and here is the result.

“Wanneer je opeens op de tribune moet plaatsnemen, knok je je terug en zorg je dat dit nooit meer gebeurt.”

- Dominique Janssen
Player Dutch national team

The Numbers

VV Kicks produced the campaign ‘Dear Me’ for Andrelon. Consisting of 8 written letters by 8 different national team players. And of course an important campaign video focused on Youtube.


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Youtube views

"Ik ben zo ontzettend trots op de video en om dit samen met jullie gedaan te hebben."

- Marketing Manager Andrelon

The Result